About Us

The Hobbs family are a “fair dinkum” Australian family with a love for country life. Adrian and Katrina and their 5 kids aged between 11 years and 19 years love the pureness Organic Food offers. The farm is certified organic and this means the chickens are organic free range!

This family’s journey for pure clean organic food started when Grandad Hobbs passed away with cancer. Grandma Hobbs attributes his illness with exposure to chemicals in his working life. She often recounts stories of mixing chemicals with hands and deadly poisons being considered safe.

By choosing CERTIFIED ORGANIC, you are choosing products that are grown organically without the use of chemicals, pesticides, medications or any other nasties.

Hobbs Family Farms is getting back to the intended goodness of food!

Hobbs Family Farms is delivered fresh from our paddock to your plate. Australian grown chicken produced by an Australian Family – Because we Care!