Our Family

Adrian Hobbs is a very practical kind of guy and is quite solution orientated. He can lend his hand to anything and is often working out how to fix something or is making something better. He is referred to as a bit of a ‘whizz’ at technology and believes computers are a great tool to be used on the farm. His love of technology extends to him making the most of his pilot’s licence, flying over the farm whenever he can.

Katrina Hobbs is a woman who can achieve much. Though she is an extremely talented business woman, Katrina still enjoys baking and spending time with family. She enjoys Toastmasters and is looking forward to the day when her children want to attend the fortnightly meetings with her. Currently, she entertains her listeners with stories of children, organics and farm life. She was the Queensland representative for the 2014 Australian Year of the Farmer and she was also awarded the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Young Alumnus of the Year award for her post-graduation success.  She has invested her time for wider industry and community serving on various boards for industry and community interests she holds. 

Emily Hobbs is studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications majoring in photography at USQ and is able to apply it to her work in the family farm’s marketing department. She loves the fact that she is able to live on the farm with the family while studying. When she is not working or studying Emily loves to spend her time walking around the farm taking pictures and hanging out with cattle.

Brenton Hobbs is eager to finish school and get working on the family farm. In the meantime, he has been doing a school-based traineeship on the family farm working towards a certificate III in agriculture. Brenton enjoys riding his motorbike and trying new tricks. He also loves riding his motorbike while his dog runs alongside.  Whenever an opportunity to hang out with mates arises, Brenton is ready to get out and socialise. 

Corinne Hobbs is looking forward to also starting a school-based traineeship in the family business and is wanting to do something similar to mum. Corinne is making the most of extracurricular activities and opportunities that the school and community offer.  She particularly enjoys involvement in school musicals, robotics classes, piano and singing lessons. She also loves to take on sewing projects and large puzzles when she has free time.

Renee Hobbs is the animal girl and looks forward to playing with her guinea pigs and puppy every day after school. Renee also enjoys other extracurricular activities such as singing, piano, dance and swimming lessons. When she grows up, Renee wants to be a vet so she can look after the chickens and make sure they are healthy, happy, organic birds.

Reuben Hobbs is the youngest member of the Hobbs family but that doesn’t make him any less passionate about organic farming! Reuben loves to follow dad and learn how things work and how to fix things. When Reuben grows up he wants a job on the family farm like Dad’s. He also loves to go fishing whenever he gets the chance and is always eager to ride on motorbikes like his big brother. Reuben’s dog also loves to follow him around the farm when he is riding his pushbike.

All the Hobbs family are passionate about the clean, organic lifestyle and are always willing to educate others about the benefits of farming organically. 

What could be better than a healthy and happy life!

Hobbs Family Farms – Because we care.