Our Philosophy

Katrina comes from a farming family, who even dabbled in growing organic vegetables in the 1980s – long before there were standards or an awareness for the health benefits of eating organically sourced foods. United in our cause, we can express that after witnessing Adrian’s grandfather suffer with cancer, believed to have been caused by his exposure to chemicals during his working life, it reaffirms our belief that organic farming and clean eating should be a strong priority for all of us.

All members of the Hobbs family enjoy better health when we eat organically. We are promoting healthy immune systems which results in less allergies and happier children! As parents, we attribute this to less exposure to chemicals and processed foods – part of our clean-living strategy. However we also believe food should not just be good for you, but it should taste great as well! A matter our children take very seriously too. Therefore eating nutritious food that is healthy, family friendly and organic is very important to us.

As farmers, we believe that farming should leave the country in better condition and the produce of the land should be of the utmost quality. Therefore our aim is to produce that good old fashioned tasting chicken with the added bonus of being organic. It is the premium chicken of choice for many of our customers and the perfect solution if you are conscious of your health, as well as the farm and the farmers that help produce such natural, quality birds.

Here at Hobbs Family Farms, we like to ensure our chickens are processed in the healthiest way possible. Therefore we clean our birds in much cooler water than commercial chicken – retaining the outer layer of skin. We also opt to air chill our birds; the chemical free chilling method that does not bleach or allow for water weight absorption. By taking this approach, our organic chickens are processed without the use of harmful additives and the utmost care is taken to ensure our ‘greener’ approach produces the best quality results – with the most natural, great tasting flavour for you and your table.

We Hobbs’ love what we do and love to grow organic chicken that will be enjoyed by people all over Australia. Many years ago we adopted a saying, “You are a happy person if your work is your hobby”, and we all feel organics is more than our work, it’s our whole life as well as our hobby.