Our Story

The Hobbs household consists of 5 young children, 2 dogs, 6 guinea pigs, 35 budgerigars and 10 chickens! This is only possible with Adrian and Katrina Hobbs at the helm, manoeuvring children off to school, checking they eat all their lunch and of course making sure they see to the care of their many pets – and to be honest, we would not have it any other way. Our favourite dinner together as a family is roast chicken. You can smell the glorious scent of the chicken cooking away through the entire house. We know that our chicken is the healthiest chicken available because we know where it came from, that it has been well looked after and is as close to nature as it gets. It is important to us that the chicken is the best because we only want the best for our children. Also, we want them to know where their food comes from. So we enjoy heading outside with the children to collect our own fresh organic eggs, tending to our household chooks and reaping the rewards of our very own farm.

However, we realise that we are lucky to live on a farm and not everyone has access to their own produce – or knows what goes into growing this most precious nourishment. Our food as a result, it is our desire to bring our healthy organic chicken to your kitchen, so that you may enjoy the benefits of food that is naturally better you and your family.