Do your chickens grow in cages? How much space do they have?

The chickens do not grow in cages on Hobbs Family Farms. Being organic, our chickens progress from a protected indoor environment to a ‘grow-out’ shed – where they have complete access from the barns to the outdoors. They are free-to-range and forage in the essential pastured areas and sheltered housing, which coincide with organic certification standards. This provides for a stimulating environment and encourages social groups and natural behaviours in the chickens.

Why is conventional or free range chicken cheaper than Hobbs Family Farms chicken?

At Hobbs Family Farms we feed our birds a unique but strictly controlled organic feed diet specifically designed for the chickens. The costs associated with this are significantly higher than conventional feed as it has to be the highest quality, naturally produced feed. This coupled with the commitment to provide sufficient amenities for compliance in regards to animal welfare, results in a notably higher cost of production. However, we at Hobbs Family Farms know that the outcomes from our extra efforts, have a positive impact on the quality of our products (– and we believe it tastes better too!)

Why are Hobbs Family Farms chickens white in colour?

We are able to prevent discolouration by using industry leading technology at Hobbs Family Farms. This technology enables us to prevent the outer layer of chicken skin from burning – caused by hot water. In using a cooler water temperature, we are ensuring the skin is retained. Saving the natural white colour. (and keeping all the moisture locked in for the perfect roast chicken.)

How do I know if the chicken is Organic or not?

We are certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic). Hobbs Family Farms is regularly audited to guarantee the integrity of our organic products.

What is the lifespan of Hobbs Family Farms chickens?

With no growth promotants in the feed allowance/portion, Hobbs Family Farms chickens grow to maturity at nature’s pace, taking almost twice as long as other birds. The organic way takes more time, more space and more care. At Hobbs Family Farms, chickens grow at their natural pace. With a diet free from growth promotants, the birds can take up to twice as long to grow to full size. Growing chicken organically requires time and because we care, we are committed to ensuring superior standards in feed allocation and space to free-range which ensures the best quality produce for our customers.

What are the chickens fed?

At Hobbs Family Farms, our chickens only eat organic feed. Some of this grain is grown on the farm; free from chemical fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or genetic modification. Through the use of organic feed, we are ensuring that our birds develop naturally into healthy organic chickens.

Why is organic produce more expensive than conventional produce?

Organic is more expensive due to the increased costs associated with production. In turn, the final product is of superior quality and has had no exposure to ‘quick fix’ chemicals. There is also a higher Animal Welfare Legislation standard; meeting this requirement adds another cost onto production.

Do Hobbs Family Farms use chemicals?

Hobbs Family Farms uses a state of the art process of air chilling where birds are chilled down over a period of four to six hours, they achieve a core temperature of 0 – 4c. In comparison the conventional industry uses a process of Spin chilling where the birds are dropped into a long tub of chlorinated iced slurry water, chilling down to core temperature in less than 5 minutes. Consequently as the birds cool down the absorb water and will have up to 9% weight gain in water. Hobbs Family Farms certified organic birds actually lose weight in the cooling process by 2% which enhances flavour and necessitates the need to cook the product slower. Chemicals are only used in the sterilisation and cleaning of our processing plant.

Is organic actually free range? What is the difference?

Completely, being organic means that Hobbs Family Farms chickens are free-to-range on dedicated forage pastures. At night the chickens return to large purpose built sheds, where they are kept comfortable from the elements and safe from predators. Yes, Hobbs Family Farms chickens are organic; which means we have dedicated forage pastures for the chickens free range on. At night the chickens return to large purpose built sheds, where they are kept comfortable from the elements and safe from predators.

Are Hobbs Family Farms chickens halal certified?

Hobbs Family Farms does not participate in the Muslim halal program. This means our plant does not slaughter chickens in the manner required to be halal certified and we do not pay any money to a halal endorsing body for the halal certification mark. It is important to note that this is a separate issue and does not effect the quality of the chicken we process - it only means we are not participating in the halal program. We have a modern, well designed processing plant that humanely slaughters our chickens and we are certified organic, registered with safe food QLD, AQIS accredited and also maintain HACCP and WQA certifications.